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Trent "Tuo" Falkner
Male, early 50s.

Species: Ves
Race: Iroth
Nationality: Itasean
Height Above average. The equivalent of 5'10'' or so.
Build Fat + muscular, especially in the arms. Very dense, top heavy. Hairy.
Notable Characteristics: Missing left eye, large scar on his throat. Numerous tattoos/piercings.
Time Period: Itas in revolt from the Second Valbaran Empire. [Dates undecided.]

Local Setting: Itas, the northernmost Kingdom of Grenvel. The capital city, Itas, is the biggest trade port in the world. It's built into and around the largest temperate rainforest on Aphelion and along the Grenvellan channel. The latest technologies include radio broadcasts, semi-automated firearms, latent electric enchantments, and vertical agriculture. Popular fashions are a weird mix of 1930s, 40s, 70s, and 80s. I'm working on that part.

Trent Falkner, known as Tuo in all but the most formal of settings, was born at one lowest points in Grenvellan history. Four of the nation's six kingdoms were under control of Imperial puppet kings and their foreign-controlled armies. The city of Itas, capital of the kingdom with the same name, was a hotbed of political unrest through the entire occupation. Tensions were at their highest during Tuo's formative years. His father, Gregor, was an active member of the city's resistance movement, the Evergreen Coalition. The budding political power was quickly declared a threat to the security of the kingdom and classified as a domestic terrorist organization. Tuo grew up following his dad to meetings in secret rooms where the radio brought news from faraway places.

Tuo never knew what Itas was like before the Empire came. All the aunties and uncles told him the stories they'd heard from their elders' elders. Times of plenty, when people weren't hungry. Back when the kings swore the Oath of the First Kingdom, and when the oathbreakers were dragged broken and bloodied through the streets. "There were no bad kings," his grandpa told him. "Only good kings, and dead kings."

As a young man, Tuo was burning. The King's army was a fraction of their former glory, the meat of their forces diverted back to Valbara to quell domestic unrest. He spent his days in back rooms and sub-basements, taking inventory of the arms stockpiles, waiting for code broadcasts from Ypsilan, coordinating with politicians in exile, and taking a stiff drink every now and again. When the army opened fire, the Evergreens were ready. Tuo prayed to the ancestors to teach him the guerrilla ways that kept their nation free. He lost his eye and had his throat slit, but the bastard was too stubborn to die. The scars were still fresh when he and his comrades stormed the royal palace. The king hung facing south, a warning to the fleeing invaders.

The dust cleared, and the nation came together with its allies to rebuild. Tuo lacked the desire and the education to seek a position in the new regime. Matter of fact, he wasn't quite sure what to do with himself when the fighting stopped. He returned to his old sketch books and started drawing again. While his husband rapidly rose to fame as a radio personality, Tuo drew stories. He was getting older and fatter, and he found new purpose in his studio. His graphic novels found a strong niche in post-war Itas, and putting his stories on paper has helped the healing begin. He has a long way to go, but Tuo's a born fighter.

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  • Tuo was born as a neopet that I adopted from the Neopian Pound around 2005 or so
  • Tuo's character has been a lot of things, but he's always going to be a world weary middle aged man
  • He has one little brother that he kinda-sorta raised, and no contact with the rest of his family
  • He has a really cute dog named Ziggy

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