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Here's a list of the different drugs that happen in and around Aphelion. Maybe I'll make pics.


Class: Hallucinogen
Duration: 15-20 minutes
Potency: High
Delivery: Smoked

Made from the pitch black, paperlike bark of the only "tree" on Uir's glacierland. The entire "tree" is extremely toxic; if the bark is not rendered properly into vesigadi, it's fatal at any dose. Priests preparing vesigadi will bathe their hands in fine salt before harvesting, to make sure there are no open wounds on their skin. When properly rendered, vesigadi is a fine powder that is smoked from a long stemmed pipe, no more than a pinch at a time. The resulting ash is toxic again.
Trip onset is typically within 30 seconds of inhalation and will last for around 15 minutes. Intense audiovisual hallucinations are all-consuming for the duration of the trip, and it has been described as a "transportation" or "journey" that removes one from their actual surroundings. Cosmic themes are common, and the trip is very dreamlike and spiritual. Vesigadi is used exclusively for religious purposes, and under strict supervision from the priest who prepares it. Those who use it consider the drug to be a means of communing with All Creation.
It is worth mentioning that the "tree" that vesigadi is harvested from is actually a vein of the planet sticking up through the ice and rock. An outsider once referred to it as "tree-like" and the inhabitants of the glacier, who'd never seen a tree to confirm otherwise, started calling it that.


Class: Relaxant
Duration: ~60 minutes
Potency: Low
Delivery: Smoked

Rukh is a small fern-like plant native to the forests of southern Grenvel. When properly dried and smoked, it delivers soothing, calming feelings within about 5 minutes. It can be smoked in bulk to treat insomnia or curb anxiety. Use is widespread in Grenvellan societies, due to the plant's abundance and lack of unappealing side effects. Most adults will smoke at least occasionally, and rukh cigarettes are a staple of any war's frontlines. The effects can last up to an hour, or even longer in individuals with lower tolerance.


Class: Hallucinogen
Duration: 3+ hours
Potency: Med-High
Delivery: Eaten

Pekah is a yellow mushroom native to the Golden Plains of Kenor and Valbaara. It has a thin stem and flat cap, and when eaten raw, has powerful hallucinogenic properties. Cooking Pekah reduces its potency, which is advised for first time users. Common hallucinations include disorted faces, alternating colors, and changes in spatial perception, especially the feeling of "shrinking down." Users report feeling incredible introspection and moments of self discovery, as well as a better understanding of one's place in the natural world. However, the second name, the Golden Terror, hints to a darker possibility. Bad trips can lead to an erosion of the self, an inability to perceive faces or people, and the perception of being removed from linear time. Episodes of golden terror can feel like being stuck in a time loop. The worst affected can be under the drug's affects for days at a time before recovering.