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Before there was a universe, there was All Creation. Less of an entity than a concept, an idea. A traveler of universes who sought to create. From Creation was born the universe and the aether, and echo of a time and place perhaps imagined, perhaps remembered. From Creation was born a new body, a body then torn asunder to birth the elder gods and the seeds of all mortal life. All that remained of this ephemeral body were two great eyes called sun and moon. Between the two, Aphelion was built by the hands of Creation's three largest parts, a continued creative legacy from their common ancestor.

Creation is dead. Creation is sleeping. Creation waits for the day when all parts rejoin and the universe itself sees its natural end. There will be other projects then, surely, but there is much to be learned from Aphelion, much to be seen. The mortal creatures of the world consider Creation a god, and though few pray to a dead god, all revere Creation. Some scattered few believe Creation to be sleeping rather than truly dead, and they look for signs that the sleeping god may be stirring, or would perhaps awaken to bear witness to Aphelion's most significant events. Others seek to understand what a sleeping god might dream.

Depicting a formless god is difficult. The most common symbols for All Creation are sun and moon, as well as eye iconography. But mortals and gods alike hold great interest in the idea of All Creation's ephemeral body, and how it may have appeared before splitting apart. Depictions of the body vary wildly across different cultures, and the only common theme is giving the body at least two eyes.

Would be cool if I included a few different depictions, at some point in the future.