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Arseni, aka Senya
Male, early 20s.

Species: Manticore
Nationality: Valbaaran
Height With his neck upright, around 6'5" (not including horns)
Build Sleek and muscular. His pelt is thick and shaggy in the front, short and smooth in the back.
Notable Characteristics: Broken left horn
Time Period: I still haven't decided

Senya is a little shit head. He's vicious, he's cruel, and he thinks he's VERY funny. Arseni was raised by his mother and two uncles, but never met his father or any ancestors. He's off on his own now, but still considered very young by his species long-lived standards. He's still accident prone, and he doesn't quite understand his full arcane potential yet. Arseni's still learning to harness the old earth-magics that seem second nature to his family. He's got a lot to prove, mostly to himself. He doesn't often interact with the ves, living remotely as he does, but he is admittedly fond of the taste of them. Thankfully for unfortunate travelers, Arseni is not hard to fool, so he doesn't eat ves quite as often as he'd like.

Maybe he'll calm down when he grows up.